The unprecedented pandemic of Covid-19 brought with it an abrupt lockdown affecting our schools and impacting all our lives, leaving us to navigate the significant changes to work and lifestyle. At Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School, we were locked down but we were not closed down – there was no face-to-face teaching but our core activities of education and learning were still carried out, thanks to the quick thinking and a tremendous effort by the school Management.
Online classes and lectures were effectively launched and executed between April and June. This included Power Point presentations, PDFs for coursework and solutions, live interactive virtual class sessions and tailored assignment projects. We were able to successfully convert the traditional examinations to a more creative and discerning assessment that could be completed offline to evaluate a student’s understanding.
We are sharing an experience which is unique and unprecedented and yet it’s communal and global. Catching up on studies, tuning into online classes and appreciating the quietness can help get us through lockdown, but we can’t deny the lack of physical activity due to restricted movement and its immediate health concerns. With this in mind, we launched the Virtual Health and Fitness Camp in June where activities were streamed online with students watching at home and feeling invested with the organized exercise routine. This Camp is one among several initiatives the school is running during lockdown.
It is important that we preserve our traditions by adapting them to new times and new circumstances. Lockdown has brought this evermore into focus as we continue to find new and innovative ways to aid the all-round development of our students helping them draw confidence and making them achieve their full potential even while we are apart.