Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

The school has well equipped Maths Lab to make the subject more enjoyable and practical for the students. The laboratory is aptly named Ramanujam Mathematics Laboratory It embodies the spirit of exploration and teaches the child to observe keenly, reflect on ideas logically, think independently, innovatively and analyze intricately .

To facilitate and engage the students in a variety of hands on learning experiences, the students and teachers have put together models and gadgets in the laboratory. There are a numbers of experiments with colorful paper cutouts & paper folding activities which help to clarify simple concepts of Mathematics

The geometer sketch pad and the Cartesian plane are used to explain concepts of coordinate geometry learn and understand quadratic equations; conic sections and trigonometric curves etc. Interactive mental maths quizzes and speed calculation competitions are also held in the lab to make mathematics learning interesting.

The Tiny Tots also enjoy learning in the conducive atmosphere of the Maths lab.The Abacus ,Base ten blocks, 100s counting board,” who am I”3D picture cards make learning mathematics fun for them.